Team Challenges

Getting healthy is a team sport!

We’ve found that individuals are more successful when they approach a challenge as a group - they have one another to lean on for support, feel a sense of accountability to the team, plus it is more fun with friends. That’s why we developed team challenges! These challenges are typically longer than our workshops and classes and they provide your organization with a unique opportunity to build culture and team.

The Real Food Challenge

Our premier team challenge, The Real Food Challenge, is a three-week program that entire company and their families participate in. They will walk away with knowledge and newfound healthy habits and you walk away with an enriched culture and more productive leaders.


Our participants get everything they need to have a successful Challenge. The WellWorks challenge materials and support contain the most-up-to date nutrition information in an easy to read format.  

  • The Playbook - An overview of the challenge, resource list and valuable tips for success.

  • What to Eat - Guide to everything that is IN and OUT for a challenge.  

  • Recipes - Delicious, simple real food recipes and Sample Meal Plans

  • Workbook - Worksheets to begin before the challenge starts such as prep actions, personalized meal plans and a food journal.

Informative e-blasts

Participants get regular emails that provide timely and relevant information to keep them on track and engaged.

Coaching Support

We are there by your side, from the kick-off meeting to the final team celebration and every step in between. Health coaches answer specific questions in 1:1 emails and in the online support group.

Interactive Sessions

Starting with an upbeat kick-off session and ending with a fun team celebration our discussions are informative and fun.  Participants get all of the knowledge and support they need in-person or virtually  depending on what works best for you and your team.  

Online Community

We create a private online group that makes it easy for everyone to connect, (whether they are in the office or working remotely) and support one another. It is a place to ask questions, post comments, upload pictures of favorite meals, or start a friendly rivalry.

“It was a great morale booster and community builder at The Clearing. We’ve been really pushing our staff hard, so it was AWESOME to have them feel cared for in another way.”
— Julissa Mandeville, The Clearing