1:1 Health Coaching

Some individuals hire us directly and sometimes companies hire us to provide 1:1 Health Coaching to their employees. Contact us to find out how 1:1 Health Coaching can work for you or your employees.

Your Most Important Project

It’s rare for anyone to devote an hour to improving their health with a trained professional. However, we believe feeling well is as important as any other PROJECT you have on your plate. We’re passionate about helping you manage your personal wellness with ease, so we provide step-by-step actions that aren’t complicated or overwhelming.

Turning Plans Into Action

Understanding nutrition principles and sorting out conflicting nutrition information is only half the battle. This newfound knowledge must be implemented and the changes that you make should last your lifetime. As strategy consultants turned Health Coaches, nothing bugs us more than action plans that never get acted on!

Partnering for Change

1:1 Health Coaching is not about us directing you or restricting you - instead, we will partner together to make the small changes that will have the biggest impact on your life. We understand the challenge of balancing all of the things that are keeping you busy.

Some of the ways that we’ll support you in finding the balance you need to upgrade your health are:

  • 1:1 Health Coaching sessions (in person or virtual)

  • A personalized health assessment, vision and goals that we develop and refine together

  • Accountability and empowerment

  • A plan for preparing meals and snacks that give you energy

  • Handouts, resources, recipes, and checklists.

  • Ongoing email support between sessions.

1:1 Health Coaching is a unique health and wellness benefit that can set you apart from other companies and their typical health benefits.

Working with the WellWorks Project coach changed my life. When I started, I was at my highest weight ever and on cholesterol medicine I didn’t want to take. I was long overdue to change my lifestyle and had been on every diet out there from shakes to even giving myself shots. I love food, and I really don’t like being hungry. With my coach’s knowledge, I am actually eating more now, enjoying my meals and never feeling deprived or hungry. She gave me easy and useful suggestions to make life changes. I have lost 45 lbs, gotten off 2 prescription medications and reduced my cholesterol. My cravings for sugar and processed foods are gone. Most important, I feel fabulous and satisfied eating plenty of simple, real foods. My coach is an exceptional role model and a positive mentor.
— Hope R., Real Food Challenge Participant