According to The Washington Post, the Top 150 Places To Work take a broad approach to wellness that is focused on employee health and employee well-being.

Our programs are the perfect way to show your employees that you care about them as a whole person. We teach them how to take the reins on their own lives, and we arm them with knowledge and strategies that help them achieve their own personal wellness goals.

We help companies find their way to well because we:


Build Culture

We help grow a culture of caring and supportive teamwork where employees bond over improved health. Working with WellWorks can occur in-person or virtually, which makes it a great way to integrate in-office, remote and international teams. We believe in enjoying the journey and experience, and thus we focus on a supportive culture grounded in mindfulness.



Health care is the fastest growing cost of any company. Research shows that every $1 of wellness investment yields $6 of health care savings. That’s an amazing investment and the only way to control healthcare costs besides shifting costs to employees or cutting benefits.


Create (Kick A$$)  Leaders

It’s simple - there’s a direct correlation between nutrition, energy and brain function. Participants in our programs feel better, think clearer and have more energy. When people feel better, they are more motivated and eager to tackle the problems of the world. We believe that good health arms employees to tackle those Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGS).



Culture + Health = Increased Profit
The numbers are staggering. Research shows the correlation between healthy employees, less indirect costs and increased overall profits. You show you care about your employees by offering WellWorks programs, and they feel valued, are more loyal and work harder.

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“This was our best attended company session in a long time. Our consultants got excited about making changes together and there was a real buzz around the office.”
— Tara Carcillo, President, The Clearing